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Claims Procedure for AIA Care Card

Claims Procedure for AIA Care Card

AIA Care Card is a special service that we provide to our policy holders, the policy commences with “M” and “P” in order to facilitate our insured when there is medical expenses occurred. We will pay directly to our network hospitals.

Conditions for AIA Care Card

  1. This privilege is provided only to the insured with AIA Care Card. It is not issued to all personal accident policy holders
  2. Medical treatment incurred must be from “accident”—definition is enclosed in the personal accident policy and will not cover any treatment that falls into exclusion of such contract.
  3. Only network hospitals, medical centers and clinics that joins AIA Care Card project are accepted.

AIA Care Card procedure

Insured can just notify our network hospitals, medical centers or clinics that join this AIA Care Card project by showing privilege AIA Health Care with steps below:

  1. Showing your identity card or others card with your photo issued by government sector.
  2. Attending physician diagnoses that insured needs to admit as In-Patient or needs any important surgery.
  3. Networks hospitals check the status of the policy via system.
  4. Networks hospitals send all necessary information thru fax or internet on the discharge date.
  5. We will assess claims after receiving the documents and will respond as soon as possible (approximately 1 hour after the completion of document submission)
    • Insured pays directly to hospitals for exceeded expenses after AIA pays the benefits mentioned in the contract.
    • If the insured holds other supplementary contract i.e. Hospitalization Benefits (HB) or compensation while admitting caused from cancer (CR) or accidental indemnity (AI, BB, HI, WI, WC), we will automatically assess claims and send cheques to the insured directly to the address provided. Except for the benefits of critical illness, benefits for dismemberment or other benefits that need to be paid in lump sum and additional documents are required, the insured can claims thru Agents or submit the documents directly to us.
    • In case the insured cannot claims thru AIA Health Care service, the insured can still submit claims thru its normal channel after discharging from the hospital by submitting health care form enclosed with original receipt directly to us.
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