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Financial Health Check

Financial Health Check

AIA’s Financial Health Check helps customers plan their financial needs more comprehensively through purchasing an insurance plan best suited to their goals. The process involves identifying a customer’s financial objectives, establishing priorities and assessing options to help customers achieve those objectives. Based on four core needs; Family Income Protection, Education Savings, Retirement Savings, and Accident & Health coverage. The Financial Health Check provides a solid foundation for customers to start building a secure financial future for themselves and their family.

Examples of needs:

Stage of Life Financial Objectives
  • Education Savings
  • Health Riders attached to basic plan
First Jobber
  • Saving for a new car, holidays etc.
  • Saving to start a small business
  • High coverage life protection
  • Health Riders attached to basic plan
  • Start saving for starting a family/children
  • Preparing for retirement
  • Health Riders attached to basic plan
  • Inheritance planning for family
  • Health Riders attached to basic plan

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