Get fit and firm, how heart rate can improve your optimal health

Heart rate zones and its benefits are categorized into five zones including;

Zone 1: 50-60%, low-intensity and minimal exertion. This exercise can improve your overall health.

Zone 2: 60-70%, recommended for fat and calories burning.

Zone 3: 70-80%, sustained intensity, more sweat. This is the perfect zone for maximizing health benefits from workout and improve strength.

Zone 4: 80-90%, fatigue, speaking in single word, heavy breathing and burning muscles, good for athletes or those who want to improve muscle endurance. 

Zone 5: 90-100%, extreme fatigue, gasping while speaking, heavy breathing, exerted use of muscles. This zone is ideal for professional athletic training or performance testing for athletes.

Maximum Heart Rate
To monitor our heart rate and find out the zones, use your age to calculate the Maximum Heart Rate;

Maximum Heart Rate = 220 – Age
To determine the heart rate of each zone, multiply the percentage of each zone with our individual Maximum Heart Rate. 

For example, A person, aged 30, wants to push his or her heart rate to Zone 3. We can start by using Maximum Heart Rate 220 - 30 = 190 beats per minute (bpms). The target heart rate in Zone 3 is between 190 x (.7) to 190 x (.8) or 133 - 152 bpms.
With this useful calculation guide, let’s set your health goal and hit Zone 3-4, for optimal benefit.

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