Calories burned workout data will no longer be eligible to earn exercise points.
11 Jan 2022

From 11 January 2022 onwards, the calories burned workout data tracked by fitness devices and apps will no longer be eligible for earning exercise points. However, you can continue earning exercise points from other physical activities including daily steps, heart rate, and speed via supporting devices and apps such as Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Health or Samsung Health. Learn more on exercise points earning activities

Special campaign! Boost to 100 points from all workouts until 31 January 2022.
 Steps per day Points
7,500 - 12,499 50 100 points
12,500 and more 100 points


Heart Rate Points
60% max heart rate at least 30 min/session 50 100 points
60% max heart rate at least 60 min/session 100 points
70% max heart rate at least 30 min/session 100 points


 Average speed Points
4 km/hr for 30 min 50 100 points
7.2 km/hr for 30 min 100 points
4 km/hr for 60 min 100 points

To earn more points, level up your status and enjoy more rewards, don't miss to link and sync your AIA Vitality app with supporting devices and apps and exercise regularly.

The AIA Vitality team