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How to enjoy the rewards

Step 1 - Get your promo code

Get your promo code via the AIA+ application at the AIA Vitality menu, select Supersports Online at Rewards section.

Step 3 - Enjoy the discount  

Your Healthy Gear will be delivered to you.

What You Need to Know

  • The promo code is used as an on-top 10% discount and can be used in conjunction with credit card promotions.

  • The promo code can be used as an on-top discount when having a minimum purchase of participating products of 3,000 baht/order.

  • The promo code does not apply to non-sale items and does not apply to new products.

  • The promo code is limited to 1 code/order.

  • The promo code is unlimited order per user throughout the month but limited to 1,000 rights/month.

  • The promo code is not refundable or exchangeable for cash.

  • To receive assistance with promo code usage and inquire about participaing products, please contact:

  • The AIA Vitality benefits are subject to AIA terms and conditions. AIA reserves the right to change and amend any of the terms and conditions which are available at the AIA+ application or at