Proof of facts between “myths” and “truth” about nutrition

Consuming egg increases blood cholesterol

Facts: Egg is an excellent protein source due to having low saturated fat, no trans fat, and low cholesterol. You should not worry that egg will increase your blood cholesterol because it increases by consuming high saturated fat and trans fat, primarily found in fried food


Avocado is a superfood that we can eat every day

Facts:  Although avocado is full of minerals, over 20 types of vitamins, and high fiber, it still has high calories and fats even though it’s a good one. One medium-sized avocado gives 240 calories and 24 grams of fats, and that is why we should not consume it too much. The recommended daily fat intake is 44 - 77 grams.


Gluten-free food is good for health

Facts: Gluten is a protein found in grains such as wheat, ray, and barley, full of protein and does not affect health or harm people. Gluten-free food is popular because, in other countries, many people are allergic to gluten. Not so many Thai people are allergic to gluten because our main dish is rice. Therefore, it’s not necessary to eat gluten-free food products.


Avoid having coconut milk because of its high fats and cholesterol

Facts: Coconut milk has medium-chain triglyceride, which is good for health. It contains vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B1, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, and many minerals such as iron, selenium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. People who have the problem of high triglycerides, fatty liver, or obesity must beware of consuming coconut milk.


Consuming too much chicken might cause gout

Facts: Gout is caused by accumulating high uric acid. Our body can produce 80% of it, while another 20% comes from what we eat, not easily found in chicken. Uric acid is mainly found in red meat, animal organs, some beans (red bean, green bean, and soybean), some types of vegetable (mushrooms, bamboo shoot, and cha-om), sweet juice, and alcoholic drinks. 
However, those who have gout should avoid eating chicken, other sources of protein, and high uric acid foods because they can increase the gout symptoms.