How to create Healthy Work from Home Routines

Here are easy tips to structure your daily work-from-home routine to stay healthy.

- Morning Home-based work life save us time to commute to work, which allows a good opportunity to jump start the day with a 30-45 minutes workout with your favourite training on YouTube. Fuel your body with a nutritious and well-balanced breakfast with plenty of lien protein.

- Lunch Have a nutritious lunch loaded with fiber to help prevent constipation. Avoid high-fat, instant or processed food.

- Afternoon-Evening Sitting for too long and staring at the computer screen can be tiring. Get up and do some stretching or walk around your home to relax. In the evening, after work, is time for house choirs as an extra exercise and a light dinner.

These useful work-from-home scheduling tips encourage more physical movement than just sitting at the work-station and can prevent office syndromes and NCDs or chronic non-communicable diseases. NCDS, usually caused by change of behaviors, include cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, stroke, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, kidney diseases and more.

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