Google Fit

Link Google Fit to earn AIA Vitality points from daily steps.

Points Earn AIA Vitality points from exercise up to 100 points/day, up to 15,000 points/membership year.

Frequency: daily. You'll be awarded the highest points from a single activity for the day, i.e., if you've earned 100 points from heart rate, you will not earn points for steps/ speed/ partner gym visit.

How to earn AIA Vitality points via Google Fit

Download Google Fit application and create an account to track your steps.

Allow workout data sharing with the AIA+ app.

Achieve the workout threshold such as minimum daily steps.

Points earning activities from Google Fit


  • You'll be awarded the highest exercise points from a single activity for the day. Earn up to 15,000 exercise points each membership year from activities including: 
    • (1) Workout tracking with fitness device (up to 100 points/day) or
    • (2) Exercise at a partner gym (up to 100 points/day) or
    • (3) Fitness events e.g. marathon (up to 1,500 points/day) or 
    • (4) Join online fitness class (earn 50 points/day, up to 6,300 points/membership year)

How to create a Google Fit account

Once you download Google Fit application from Google Play, you need to create Google Fit account. Simply follow below steps: