AIA Vitality Plus

How to enjoy the rewards

Eligible screenings and vaccinations:

  • Basic health screening (annual health check-up)

  • Advanced screenings such as mammogram, pap-smear/thin prep, prostate-specific antigen test (PSA), fecal occult blood test (FOBT), HIV test, cancer screening test, ultrasound to detect abnormalities of organs, sleep test, eye check-up by optometrist or ophthalmologist.

  • Professional consultation such as nutritionist consultation, and mental wellbeing consultation.

  • Vaccinations such as flu, COVID-19, Hepatitis B, HPV.

  • The health check cashback reward does not include dental checks, health screenings for treatment of the health condition, or any fees incurred from receiving the service such as doctor fees, medicines, nursing feed, equipment fees, etc. 

Required documents

Receipt with detail of the health check-up or vaccination issued by a hospital, clinic, or laboratory with the first name and last name of the AIA Vitality Plus. If the receipt does not have complete details, please submit the medical certificate together with the receipt.


Terms and conditions

  • You must be an AIA Vitality Plus member at the time of getting the health check and receiving the cashback.

  • Limit 2 receipts per membership year up to 600 baht cashback per receipt and up to 1,200 baht for 2 receipts per membership year.

  • You must submit the request with the required documents within 30 days after the health check-up or vaccination. The cashback is calculated based on the Vitality status on the date receiving the health check-up or vaccination but not exceeding the service fee according to the conditions of rewards per receipt. The remaining or excess amount cannot be combined with another receipt.

  • Cashback in a form of TrueMoney code will be sent via SMS to the mobile number provided to AIA Vitality within 45 business days after receiving all documents.

  • If the AIA Vitality Plus member has not paid the AIA Vitality Plus premium in the current membership year, AIA Vitality reserves the right not to pay for this benefit.

  • The AIA Vitality benefits are subject to AIA terms and conditions. AIA reserves the right to change and amend any of the terms and conditions which are available at the AIA+ application or at