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How to enjoy this reward and benefit

Need to know


Participating healthy food includes:

  • Fresh vegetables: local and imported vegetables, organic vegetables, pre-packaged salad, mushrooms (excluding processed vegetables)

  • Fresh fruit: local and imported fruit, seasonal fruits, pre-packaged fruit (excluding processed and dried fruits)

  • Low-fat pasteurised milk

  • Fresh egg: all fresh eggs (excluding processed eggs)

  • Fresh fish: fresh fish (cut and whole, by weight, package), frozen fish (excluding all processed/ flavoured/ seasoned fish, sashimi, and smoked fresh fish)

  • Unpolished rice: brown rice, brown rise, riceberry, organic unpolished rice (excluding processed unpolished rice

Partner benefits

  • Participating healthy food that you can enjoy 15% discount and earn Vitality Points includes fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, low fat pasteurised milk, fresh egg, fresh fish, and unpolished rice.

  • The maximum discount per month is 300 Baht from 2,000 Baht spent on participating items. You can save up to 3,600 Baht per year.

  • Earn 1 Vitality Points from every 5 Baht spent before discount on participating products. The maximum Vitality Points you can earn per month is 400 Vitality Points. You can earn up to 4,800 Vitality Points per year.

  • Vitality Points may take up to 3 working days to show on your Points Statement after the transaction date.

Active Rewards

  • This E-Voucher can be used for one time.

  • This E-Voucher can be used for a maximum of 20 codes / receipt.

  • This E-Voucher can be used until the expiry date.

  • This E-Voucher can be used at all branches of Tops and Tops Food Hall. (cannot be used at Tops Daily and Tops Online).

  • This E- Voucher can be used with normal priced and promotional items.

  • This E- Voucher is not valid for the purchase at CENTRAL EATERRY, bill payment and top-up service, phone card and prepaid card, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, wholesale, bulk pack (with 6 or more products bearing the same barcode/receipt), food court and product/ service from rental shops at all business and store formats under Central Food Retail Co., Ltd

  • This E-Voucher cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash and cannot be used with any other discount coupons. Only one coupon/receipt must be used.

  • Central Food Retail Co., Ltd. reserves the right not to accept E-Vouchers that come from screen recordings, photos, copy or print in all cases.

  • The AIA Vitality benefits are subject to AIA terms and conditions. AIA reserves the right to change and amend any of the terms and conditions which are available at the AIA+ application or at