Link Apple Health

Link Health app on iPhone to earn AIA Vitality points from exercise and sleep.

Points: earn Vitality points from exercise and sleep tracking.
  • Exercise: earn up to 100 points/day, up to 15,000 points/membership year.
  • Sleep tracking: earn 5 points/night when you sleep 7 hours or more, up to 1,830 points/membership year.

Frequency: daily. You'll be awarded the highest points from a single activity for the day, i.e., if you've earned 100 points from heart rate, you will not earn points for steps/ speed/ partner gym visit.

How to earn AIA Vitality points via Health app and Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch, link your device with Health and share your workout data with the app.

Allow workout and sleep data sharing with the AIA+  app. Your sleep data must be tracked via Apple Watch that linked with Pillow, Sleep++ or Sleep Watch app

Achieve the workout and sleep threshold such as minimum daily steps and sleep at least 7 hours (noon to 11.59 am).

Points earning activities from Health and Apple Watch

 Steps per day Points
7,500 - 12,499 50 points
12,500 and more 100 points


Average heart rate Points
60% max heart rate at least 30 min/session 50 points
60% max heart rate at least 60 min/session 100 points
70% max heart rate at least 30 min/session 100 points

      Max heart rate = 220-age

 Sleep Points
At least 7 hours/night 5 points



  • You'll be awarded the highest exercise points from a single activity for the day. Earn up to 15,000 exercise points each membership year from activities including: 
    • (1) Workout tracking with fitness device (up to 100 points/day) or
    • (2) Exercise at a partner gym (up to 100 points/day) or
    • (3) Fitness events e.g. marathon (up to 1,500 points/day) or 
    • (4) Join online fitness class (earn 50 points/day, up to 6,300 points/membership year)
  • The workout activities (e.g. steps, heart rate, speed) tracked by each fitness devices depend on the device models and features. Understanding the features of your device helps increase the opportunities to earn exercise points.