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What you need to know

• You must be an AIA Vitality or AIA Vitality Plus member when applying for Fitness First membership with the benefit under the AIA Vitality programme. The fitness contract must be under your name and cannot be used by another person. 
• You can receive the partner gym benefits at a maximum of 1 contract from 1 fitness partner. If you breach the terms, AIA reserves the right to only give the benefit for the prior fitness contract until the end of the contract period. 
• The discount and status-based cashback are only applicable to a new Fitness First contract with the benefits under the AIA Vitality programme. Gym membership fee must be paid according to the fitness contract with a credit card only. 
• After the 12-month contract ends, you can choose to renew with a 12-month or 1-month contract. 
• You must be an AIA Vitality or AIA Vitality Plus member at the time of gym fee collection and cashback payment to receive the benefits. 
• The discount and cashback will be calculated based on your membership fee before VAT. 
• AIA Vitality status-based cashback will be calculated based on your AIA Vitality Status as of the 25th of the eligible month. And you will receive cashback via bank account on the 15th of the following month (or the next business day.) 
• If you apply for Fitness First with benefits under the AIA Vitality Programme after the 20th of the month, you will not be eligible for status-based cashback for that month. 
• If your AIA Vitality Plus membership type is changed to AIA Vitality membership type, you will receive the benefit of the AIA Vitality membership type. Your cashback benefit will cease immediately. 
• If your AIA Vitality or AIA Vitality Plus membership is terminated, your Vitality discount and cashback will also be terminated. Your Fitness First membership will remain active and you can still earn AIA Vitality points for your gym workout. 
• No discount on personal training fees.

• If you already have an existing Fitness First contract, you will need to end of commitment period before using the benefits under the AIA Vitality programme. 
• You may, however, earn AIA Vitality points under your existing contract by providing your AIA Vitality membership details to Fitness First. You will start earning AIA Vitality points the next day after linking your accounts.

• AIA Vitality awards 100 points daily for exercising at Fitness First, regardless of the number of times you visit within a day. 
• Earn up to 15,000 exercise points each membership year. You'll be awarded the highest exercise points from a single activity for the day. Earn up to 15,000 exercise points each membership year from activities including: 
(1) Workout tracking with fitness device (up to 100 points/day) or 
(2) Exercise at a partner gym (earn 100 points/day) or 
(3) Fitness events e.g. marathon (up to 1,500 points/day) 
(4) Join online fitness class (earn 50 points/day, up to 6,300 points/membership year) 
• You will receive AIA Vitality points the day after the gym workout at a partner gym. 
• If Fitness First is unable to collect the monthly membership fee e.g. unsuccessful credit card autopay transaction, if for any reason you are permitted to use Fitness First club facilities, you will not earn points for the visits.

Remarks: The AIA Vitality benefits are subject to AIA terms and conditions. AIA reserves the right to change and amend any of the terms and conditions which are available at the AIA+ application or at